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  • If I were a fairy godmother, my gift to every child would be curiosity.
  • You only need one person to believe in you to succeed. It's a lot easier if that person is you.
  • Engineering – making 'things' that work and making 'things' work better
  • laura on listening

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2022.9.16 . . the Queen’s exit from this world was exactly how we’d like to exit: still in our rights minds, mobile until the near end, disease-free, smiling. And 96 - a ripe old age.

2022.7.8 . . How can the edtech community find its soul again? Perhaps, for example: . appreciating, not measuring; . playing for the joy of the game, not playing to win; . enabling, not controlling; . following the learners, not leading them; . asking why, who, and where, not what, how and when; . being – and staying – beginners; . knowing we learn in a place, caring we are in it, and cherishing who we share it with; . breaking things; . feeling wonder. . We must make playgrounds, not production lines.

2021.5.10 . If you know bonds, you understand discounting cash flows, duration, and convexity. If you know options, you know asymmetry, convexity, and volatility. Basically, everything you need to know about finance. 10th man email

2020.4 Q:

  • aid developing countries africa latin america us inner city rural
  • china imports oil fuels metal ores plastics organic chemicals aluminum copper.
  • china us treasuries takeover buyout of western company stock
  • social distancing how long what lasting effects good bad long term shifts homebaking family dinners reading unplugged activities
  • self directed learning communities shared interests collaboration
  • treatment vaccine
  • unrest sick hungry worried uprising
  • shortages made in china only shoes medical devices cell phones energy efficient lighting solsr cement air conditioners electric blankets steel clothing textiles
  • inflation demand no/limited supply
  • deflation nobody buying gas $1.89
  • money gov / fed cash must sell can't afford to keep lots of money still spending
  • deliberate weapon escape inadvertently who knew real functionality immune overload reaction
  • drugs control virus symptoms immune response
  • trade with china cheap important surgical masks dollar store
  • us manufacturing to replace imports do without
  • restart rehire
  • who will buy with what restaurants services fitness beauty
  • gov $$ individuals food housing transportation
  • small biz restart foreclosure loans bankruptcy
  • saving not spending repay loans debts
  • taxes works projects infrastructure
  • stocks govt bonds tips
  • do without dental medical
  • school education
  • transportation car sales gas public transit uber autonomous airline cruise
  • major assets housing office retail space
  • crime financial crooks

I am...

Encouraging all kids to learn about the world through Engineering. Promoting open education resources, personal learning networks and educator collaboration.

--Valerie Taylor 16:59, 11 January 2014 (UTC) Encouraging all kids to learn about the world through the Engineering Design Process. Promoting open education resources, personal learning networks and educator collaboration. WikiEducator Community Council member.

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--Valerie Taylor 10:42, 27 August 2011 (UTC) Promoting open education, personal learning networks and educator collaboration. Advocating universal access to science and engineering education. WikiEducator Community Council member.

--Valerie Taylor 19:10, 10 August 2011 (UTC)

Valerie Taylor has been teaching at DeAnza since 2000, and worked on contract as the Distance Learning Faculty Coordinator for several years. Her online teaching has included Computers and the Internet in Society, and other courses for Computer Information Systems department, as well as facilitating hybrid faculty development workshops - Technology Enhanced Instruction, Technology Supported Learning and Retention and Catalyst courses.

Valerie has a MS Ed in Online Teaching and Learning from CSU East Bay and taught in the program after graduation. Before working full time in education, Valerie worked in Information Technology in training, business development, and customer support. Valerie holds a BS from the University of Toronto.

Valerie continues to work promoting open education, personal learning networks and educator collaboration, and advocating universal access to science education. Valerie is a contributor to the Replacing Textbooks project and a member of the WikiEducator Community Council.

--Valerie Taylor 16:03, 18 January 2011 (UTC) Early-adopter of technology-supported learning. Advocate for universal access to education. Open education contributor. Community college instructor. Faculty workshop facilitator. MS Ed in Online Teaching and Learning. WikiEducator Community Council member. Silicon Valley resident. Lifelong learner.