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  • teacher training programs and curriculum on Peace Education. These are some of our core areas of need at the moment.



  • Peace Day - September 21
  • Great Peacemakers Like You and Me
  • Consequences of War
  • Uniting Nations
  • Eco resolution
  • Intercultural Cooperation
  • Character Education
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Service-Learning
  • Citizenship
  • Multicultural Education
  • Leadership
  • Problem Solving

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  • PCF5 Session Reports - Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning Wiki - reports on a wide range of topics, some include specific curricula

PeaceJam Juniors Curriculum - explores the childhood stories of 12 Nobel Peace Laureates and the character traits they embody. Students study the personal experiences of these amazing world leaders and then engage in service-learning projects that address needs in their local community. As a result, students gain academic and social skill including leadership, conflict resolution, problem solving and character development.

  • Caring & Compassion
  • Humility & Generosity
  • Leadership & Patience
  • Justice & Equality
  • Honest & Integrity
  • Hard-working & Independent
  • Perseverance & Partiotism
  • Responsibility & Alturuism
  • Courage & Empathy
  • Citizenship & Determination
  • Fairness & Respect

  • Peace One Day - The Day After Peace. The 32-minute classroom-ready version of the film (with subtitles in Arabic, Chinese [Mandarin], French, Russian and Spanish) is now available to view free online


     Peace Education
     www.PeaceLearningCenter.org      Learn conflict management and peacebuilding skills
     Conflict Resolution PK-12
     www.peaceeducation.org      Create a Safer, Caring Classroom Use Simple Lessons to Help Students

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