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2. Information and systems

What is information specifically? What kinds of systems are associated with information?

information - input, output, data, messages, transactions, databases, media - images, video, audio, file formats, web, cloud computing, social media, security, integrity, privacy, access, communications, messages, transactions, internet, scale, globalization, artificial intelligence

Message Passing - The less obvious manner in which the term messaging applies to Information Systems. When objects or processes within a systems send messages to each other.

Artificial Intelligence - the human attempt at copying the most complicated information system of all: the brain.

Cloud Computing - a service that, using a network such as the internet, allows for storage and sharing of data and/or applications

Globalization - the development of an increasingly integrated global economy marked especially by free trade, free flow of capital, and the tapping of cheaper foreign labor markets

Security - This short article describes the vulnerability of companies as big as Amazon and eBay, the 2 biggest e-commerce websites in the world! If they can't keep their user's information safe from hackers, how can we expect to trust the "user friendly" auto-complete on most web pages. Of course it's also smart NOT to store this information online, but that's what these functions are supposed to do; security! I have experienced this with PayPal (an e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet), where someone tried to send me their goods in exchange for payment. People are getting very smart and can pass for legitimate and established companies like Paypal.

This article is targeted to ANYONE that uses the internet and has stored personal information on ANY website. Granted, the internet is a place for the world to connect, but stealing information and identity is immoral and unethical. As users, we need to be more careful about what we store online and who we do business with.

GPS - This Site helps you understand how Global Positioning Systems and receivers actually work.

Artificial Intelligence is used in the making of machines that are "intelligent" with the help of computer programming.

Globalization - This article basically talks about how sophisticated information systems have a lot to do with globalization and de-localization of business. Globalization in turn, leads to the decline of power of the national government. Globalization relates to this course because the more people who have access to information systems, the less government can control the distribution and content of information (in theory). Target audience- general public (probably more interesting to economists or business people)

[1] Communications: is the transmission of data or information from one end to another through different means.

This term relates to the class because data needs to be collected, stored and then processed, the efficiency of this process is determined by how good the communication channels are inside the computers. The better the communication channels the better the process and delivery of the data or information you are trying to access or share. This article provides a good introduction to the subject of communications.

cloud computing

cloud computing allows you to access files and information, or other computers, from several computers. these files and info are located in the cloud, or on the computers themselves. a great deal of security is needed for this because people dont want other people to access their computers, files, or info

target audience: general

File Formats
- Many people who use the computers deal with different kinds of file formats daily such as Mp3s, Pdf, Jpegs, Doc, and so much more. I believe it relates to this class because it is how information is labeled.


[2]- Photo Database system with advanced color based search techniques and tag based search techniques.