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These are the instruction provided to CIS faculty Spring 2020

Voyager account - after you have created your CIS student account

For CIS classes needed to use Linux, there is no change to access remotely to Voyager server. Students still need to request the UNIX accounts on the first day of class or anytime during the quarter. I'd like to remind you that students who just add the classes have to wait at least two (2) hours in order to create accounts.

At URL, type:

  • Locate the "Create Your Business/CS Computer Lab Account" button on the right hand side of the page. Press the button, and a new browser window will open. This window displays the Computer Lab Account Request. Students will do this request from their laptops/desktops/phone device at any time by using the above link. If the Unix password needed to be reset, students can email or to ask for changing password. It’s mandatory that their emails should be cc’d to their instructors as well.

  • Using PuTTY app in Windows and Mac OSX as SSH client to connect to Linux system. The host name of Voyager server is: Click Open. The next window will be asked for entering Puma Unix account and password. PuTTy application can be download free online.
  • NOTE: CIS suggest using PuTTy - only Windows. For CIS89A we recommend using Filezilla - versions available for Windows and Mac OS

CIS student lab accounts will be removed from Voyager servers after Friday, June 26, 2020 (last day of final week).