CIS89A - 6. CSS Formatting

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CSS Formatting

Fonts are important design elements and need to be included via the CSS embed function. Pages can be designed to be printed as documents. Although they may not be used often, there are several more CSS display tricks worth knowing.

Learning outcomes

  • include specific fonts within the page
  • format web pages for printing
  • explore additional CSS presentation features


  • transition, transformation, animation, filter
  • readability, text style, .PDF, paragraph, line break, quotation block, box, alignment, page layout, column, fluid, layer

Reading guide

  • Where do fonts come from?
  • How are fonts included in the page information
  • Why would anyone want to print a web page?
  • What are some of the additional display options available with CSS?


Coding project title and required elements

  • more css * page layout * text formatting * include additional font families * use ID selector * demonstrate transitions, transformations, animations and filters * error free coding, css for styling, comments in html and css code

  1. Review the Keywords and Reading guide questions at the top of this page. These will help you look for important ideas in the rest of assignments for this module. Review the Media section (below - scroll down) for links to resources for this module. For additional online resources, search for the keywords.

  2. Textbook - Willard - Chapters 4. Working with Text

  3. CSS Formatting - There are so many different effects available with CSS, select some to explore and use as you wish. This is an opportunity for you to apply CSS Formatting and your own creativity. Provide a demonstration of several of the Font and Text Properties and Color and Background Properties. In a new coding project, demonstrate requirements using all the appropriate elements and property tags within your project. It is helpful to include information about the requirement being demonstrated in the page display as well as in the comments.
  4. Submit the web address of your coding project to the CSS Formatting assignment.
  5. Post a link to your coding project and any comments or questions about the assignment to the CSS Formatting discussion.

  6. Educational videos - There are thousands of great educational videos on the web. TED Education, Two Minute Papers and TeacherTube series are the best known sources but there are many others. Find an example of a educational video. In the Educational videos discussion, post a link to the video you selected and a brief description. Be sure to include the length of the video in minutes:seconds.
    Review the selections of 2 others.

  7. Success Skills - Use it - how technologies are woven into daily living. Review 2-3 of the articles from Success skills USE list in the Media section below. Pick one article you would recommend from the selection list. Find another article online that would be appropriate to add to the selection list. Post a link and a brief summary of the reasons for each of your selections to the Success Skills - Use it discussion. Review 2 others.

  8. H5P Project - HTML5 has enabled new ways to create content for the web. H5P authoring tools developed by MIT and developers from around the world, make extensive use of HTML5 for creating interactive elements. Read About H5P project. Explore several of the H5P examples. Select one of the H5P interactive teaching game or quiz. Some suggestions - counting, adding numbers up to 10, easy reading storybook, ... How is HTML5 functionality being used? Is it effective? Post a link to your selection and HTML5 observations to Test drive H5P discussion. Review the work of 3 others.

  9. HTML Coding validation - there are a number of tools available free online that will check your HTML code and highlight errors. Find one and have it check your code for the assignment. How did you do? Did it find errors that you missed? Did you understand what was wrong? Were you able to fix the problem? Did you re-check your code to see that you fixed the problem? Post a link to the HTML checker you used and a brief descriptions of your experience using it in the HTML Code Checker discussion. Review the post of 2 others.

  10. Group Project groups discussions - Text - What is something important and interesting that you learned about using text in your web design? When designing a page or a site with a lot of text, what should be considered? Do you have questions about good web design? How would you apply these design ideas to your own work? Do you read long text articles online? Why / why not? Share with your group in the Group discussion. Are there outstanding questions? Contribute one or more posts to the discussion for the group. If you have a question about working as a group, please ask.

  11. Modules 1-6 Midterm Review - This is about the middle of the course. We have covered a lot in a relatively short time. Now stop for a few minutes and think about the CIS89A Web Development course so far. In the first 6 modules of the course, what was one pleasant surprise? What is one question that didn't get answered? What is something that you can do that will improve your course participation? Submit your comments and questions as the Modules 1-6 Midterm Review assignment.

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CSS text properties allow you to define several text styles such as color, alignment, spacing, decoration, transformation etc. very easily an effectively.CSS has several properties for defining the...


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