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CIS 2 Computers and the Internet in Society SPRING 2009 Final Projects

Ha Tran
Background:I am participating on Business Administration major .
Background: Anticipated UC Berkeley Society & Environment major; former UC Berkeley Office of Sustainability Communcations intern; former Chi Omega, Mu Chapter, Environmental Chair; completed Cis3: Business Information Systems; current Cis2 student
Haris Khan
Background: I am a student at Deanza College, My Major is Business Administration. Last year I started my college education at deanza and I am planing to continue my education.

Environmental Technology & Our Future
Welcome to the Technological Age of Caring for the Environment
Environmental technologies are a growing industry in the United States and worldwide. However, there is much more to the computer-integrated and technological methods of environmental repair, protection, and sustainability. That is to say, there is a social impact on our society as the "GreenTech" buzzword floats around popular culture. Through newly innovated technologies, human interaction with the environment can be positive. Household technologies, humanitarianism, and corporate giants have each contributed to changing the way people use technology to interact with the earth.

Our Environmental Outlook
As we know that, global issues have become more commonly and people are taking seriously to save the environmental. The most global issue is climate changing. As the industrializes are growing up, they creating up the chemical that invade to the air which we breath every minutes, every second. Moreover, technologies retain sustainable development as recycle, water purification. In the other way, technology may possible help environmental by reducing the amount of waste produced by human activities. Environmental technology is searching better future production for earth. Therefore, in next 3-5years., the scientists will find our more saver way to rescue the damage ozone by Green House Emission. Especially in place we live, we need more hybrid cars and more efficient for the human to consume. Also, in next generation, if the political can create new technology that can reduce those carbon dioxide from those factories, and internet for people to donate online or to communicate or to announce the activities, the changing in the world. - However, using technology to renewable energy or reproduce the produce that save the earth is the positive things. In contrast, since we depend so much on technology and internet, we are unable to reproduce and reproduce of what being liability. Our lives will be stopped at that period.

Everyday Changes You Can Make
Taking care of the environment can be a chore with the way that US society operates. Progress has been made in altering small parts of the way people live in order to become more sustainable. No longer is it taxing to treat the environment well, and much of this is in thanks to technological advancements and innovations in the field. Implementing any one of the below technologies will make an impact, however small. Granted, some of the newer technologies are expensive and labor intensive, therefore outlandish, but the fact is that technology is driving our world forward.
Low-Flow Showerheads and Toilets
Low flow showerheads and toilets work to reduce to amount of water consumed in ordinary households. Showerheads cut down on the amount of water flowing from the shower head so that gallons less are used while washing. People spent minutes standing under the water, needing far less than is actually coming out of the tap. The low flow toilets are a great way to use less water without reducing the number of flushes. The bowl fills up with less water so that sanitation is maintained, but fewer gallons are wasted per flush. Installing these items will decrease home energy bills as well!
CFL Lightbulbs
Many people have become aware of the value of CFL lightbulbs. CFL stands for "Compact Florescent Lightbulb" and uses a tight florescent coil to produce the same wattage of a typical lightbulb while using a small fraction of the energy. Replacing old lightbulbs in your home will cut down on energy costs. Make sure to recycle the old lightbulbs properly by looking for recycling centers in your area. The one complaint many people are having with compact florescent lightbulbs is that the technology is not compatible with dimmer switches. They can only function as fully on or fully off.
While getting a name for being too flimsy, compostableware is an easy and cheap alternative to plastic or paper disposable containers and utensils. Compostableware is made out of 100% compostable products- primarily a new corn "plastic" or potato starch. They can be thrown directly into compost and will break down much faster than paper as well. Many companies and schools are now exclusively offering compostableware containers for drinks and for utensils. The days of styrofoam are gone- this switch is easy. Do not worry about missing out on colorful plasticware for a tropical themed party- these new utensils are just as functional and can be purchased in all the varieties plastic can be purchased in.
Living Roofs
Living roofs are an integration of gardening and home. They are these landscapes of plants or grass that can be planted on top of roofs. The impact is that that home reduces heating and cooling costs as well as reduces the number of earth-damaging materials on the home. These roofs filter rainfall and improve drainage, while improving the air quality in the neighborhood by being a natural filter.
Solar Panels
Solar panels collect sunlight to be turned into electricity. They store up energy which can be used in a variety of ways. Entire roofs can be covered with solar panels so that an entire home is powered by sunlight. They can also be purchased inexpensively as small energy stores to be used to power laptops and other small devices. Most commonly, people are buying lights and lighted umbrellas which gather solar energy in the daytime, and use that stored energy at night to power the lights. As the price drops on these panels, they are becoming and more and more viable option for the average family.
Vegetable Fuel Systems
It may be difficult to believe that your car could run on old fat used to fry the french fries at McDonald's, but using oil is an entirely possible fuel system. Cars need modifications to be able to run on old oil, but once modified, do not need any gasoline power at all. Restaurants go through barrels of oil that are simply thrown out. This oil can be used to run cars once filtered. An entire tutorial on how to turn your car into one that runs on old oil and thereby conserve gas, run clean fuel, and eventually save money can be found here:
Hybrid Cars
Few people have not heard the buzz on hybrid vehicles after all of the hype. They have even been featured on the popular show South Park. The idea is well developed by 2009 and hybrid vehicles use the rotation of the car's wheels to create and capture electricity for use in integration with a standard gasoline system. This reduces the total amount of gasoline used and increases miles per gallon of gas.
Rain Water Collection
We all talk about conserving water receive from the tap, but few of us conserve the water we receive from the sky. Rainwater is a neglected resource. Homes are starting to collect water through rain water collection barrels- either homemade or purchased. This water can then be used in the same ways that we use tap water. This will reduce the total water bill and save water as well.

Helping Others
People who are taking care about this issues as a whole controversial, they pursue the producer to think before their factory exhale those toxic chemical into atmosphere. Toxic chemical is most danger material that mostly in everyone body. To atmosphere, create Green House Emissions. Their mission is to help the planet reduce those chemical go into the air that will destroy the ozone layers. Therefore, the sun radiation can not go out the earth atmosphere, they stay there time by time, and that heating our earth planet become climate change, global Warming. From the pollution of those factories that create more chemical in our water, the water currently we are used to drink are polluted. The chemical is not only from thee manufacture, but we also have to take a step to think before trashing something into our garbage. Worse than that, company use to collect the broken or old stuff (monitor, Pc, and more ), they put them in the side of the lake, beach, plus with the radiation from the sun and water, time by time, those material will melt and run into water. When the company has the operator to produce clean water, they have to invest big amount to build a system to get those “dirty” out and prove to home-users. Beside the pollution in water, the animal like fish, are eating those insect inside the lake, ocean and into bird body, we know we the last one who will consume those toxic. For instance, tuna now is on the list now. We have to be careful with this kind of yummy fish. They are effected . Moreover, most of those chemical that animal use to live underwater, their production will be reduced. As building up a strong country, people try to look for more resource to make their business. They did not take part into the ecology system. They cut tree to build house, they pollute into water, sea-life dead, and more building are grow up from those area. For example, if there is a forest with the richest natural resource, they will take them all, and buy the area to build new corporations. Animals are losing their habitat to get food, to meet up their partner to creat new generation. Water effective, touch into their bodies, and died people take their skins to make expensive item,. Time by time, they are all dead and become endanger species. However, we are seeing these event happen everyday, everywhere and we must take part in to protect our blue planet. Our group today will discuss more the device how to help people around the world , and also the wildlands. Besides that, we also can do voluteer works based on your ability either in person or online. Lifestraw

LifeStraw is one of the tool to prevent people in third world countries from drinking unsafe water from ponds. Disease is spread quickly in these poor communities because they do not have sewer systems and the water that the drink is also the water that they wash and defecate in. It is difficult to provide entire populations with clean water. The lifestraw is innovative because it is a simple and cheap device that individuals can use to strain the water they drink through a purifying system. This new discovery has been donated from volunteers and outsiders to help the country prevent disease and save lives. Therefore, the company, hopes they are "reducing by half the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water" by 2015.

“Life Straw”. Disease Control Textiles Vestergaard Frandsen. ( Mikkel, Kaj, and Torben)

One Laptop per Child http:

This is great sound and good plan for these kids. As the school states that, every kid has their owns XO laptop is being have the tool to learn the world around them. also, some of the country has pursue the children to teach their parent how they can access the computer and the internet.

APA <Designed by Pentagram&Built by Rubenstein Technology Group. 01 Nov 2008 “One Laptop Per Child”. Creative Commons Attribution 2.5>

Volunteering in Person


Volunteering means working as no income. We can search the place that usually adopt the animals, care about the watersheds, take action in making notification for other to know. For example, this non-profit organization "Steven and Permanent Creeks Watershed Council" is usually assisted by volunteer, they work around to test water and review the watershed,on weekend, they plan a time and location for people to absorb their new lesson and donate a small money like $10/person, as whole community, they can do more better works. If who interested on it, here are information you can contact: <> [].

Volunteering Online

As the technology and internet are developing world, in America, they have so many website that we can work as volunteer through out the computer plus network, we can work with partner organization to protect endanger species. Also, we still can link with different nationality like eco-business Japan in making biofuel, a significant alternative energy to petroleum.

APA <Sarah z. Martin. Erin, Ecudor Environmental volunteer 2008.“Environmental Volunteer Quests”. 2009 United Planet.>

Carbon Credits

Carbon credits are measured in tons of carbon dioxide. 1 credit = 1 tonne of CO2. Carbon Credit are a permission for reducing gas emission by money valuable. A credit give manufacture, industrializes to emit one tone of carbon dioxide.For example, we are using the computer and connect to the internet which are consuming the electricities, and mean that we are embracing an agrarian, as a farmer to dig in ground to grow something new from that. So we have to reduce the carbon by growing the grew green from the brown ground.

APA <Corbett Kroehler(10 Sep 2008).“Carbon Credit Definition Must Be Comprehensive”. Key Board Culture-Global Warming. http://www.keyboard-culture-global>

Being an Advocate "These last remaining expanses of American wilderness are irreplaceable. And they are under imminent threat." (BioGems)

We're educated by many way to see our world changing. Our world is changing so many in variety ways to go up the high-tech level.People we are create, discover new thing that to develop our life to be more convenience and look great. We are brilliant. Hold on! How are we planet? How many percentage of the species still live on the earth, how many kind of trees are still alive. basically, how many percentage that our planet cover by rain forest than desert? Why do the fish under the water are poison. Most of us know the cause and effect of the human activities. Please take care our planet as take care our house. Please take a look at this website( strong recommended!) of which locations on earth and how they are be affected and polluted?

APA <Save BioGems. The Place To Protect Wildlife and Wildlands. Save Wildlands.>

== Simples ways to protect our planet ==
Save Our Blue Planet Earth

Don’t let our planet get burn, let cool it before it is too late! Here are few ways for everyone to protect our planet, they are not costing your budget, just input your effort, and with the best expectation!!! Following these step to Stop Global Warming : 1) Replace a regular incandescent light bulb with a compact fluorescent light bulb (cfl) 2) Install a programmable thermostat 3) Move your thermostat down 2° in winter and up 2° in summer 4) Clean or replace filters on your furnace and air conditioner 5) Choose energy efficient appliances when making new purchases 6) Do not leave appliances on standby 7) Wrap your water heater in an insulation blanket 8) Move your fridge and freezer to stand by itself than next to cooking place. 9) Defrost old fridges and freezers regularly 10) Don't let heat escape from your house over a long period because it would go outside and increase around 1 ton of Coz emissions. 11) Replace your old single-glazed windows with double-glazing 12) Cover your pots while cooking 13) Take a shower instead of a bath 14) Use a clothesline instead of a dryer whenever possible 18) Insulate and weatherize your home 19) Be sure you’re recycling at home 20) Reuse your shopping bag 21) Reduce waste 22) Plant a tree 23) Buy locally grown and produced foods and save your money 24)buy fresh food instead of buying frozen food because freash is Yummy 25) Seek out and support local farmers markets 26) Buy organic foods as much as possible 27) Eat less meat 28) Reduce the number of miles you drive by walking, biking, carpooling or taking mass transit wherever possible 29) Start a carpool with your coworkers or classmates 30) Don't leave an empty roof rack on your car 31) When it is time for a new car, choose a more fuel efficient vehicle 32) Encourage your school or business to reduce emissions 33) Encourage the switch to renewable energy 34) Protect and conserve forest worldwide

APA <Jessica. (2008). Top100 Things To Do To stop Global Warming. Save Our Blue Planet: Global Warming. June10, 2008, from>

Companies and Environmental Efforts

From the beginning of 1900 many new businesses started and corporation became strong. Many new things where invented and lots of manufacturing took place and now we see our world in environmental problem, but if companies take some important decision and make products which are environmental friendly then we can save our world from environmental disaster.


Hewlett-Packard is one the tech companies that’s going greener. Making computers that consume less energy and that will help in reducing the cost on energy. Computers are used in every field so by making these types of computers will have a huge impact on environment. Hewlett-Packard is also taking more steps to help solve this problem we are facing. They are using recycled plastic in ink cartridges , so steps like these will help home users and large businesses both and will be a benefit to environment. (GRAY, Green Tech)

Google and Intel

As we know HP is making computers that use less energy, so now companies like Intel and Google are also realizing that computers cause carbon emissions and by taking steps like saving energy that will help these two companies to reduce their carbon emission by 54 million tons. These companies are planning to make products that consume less energy. They are looking to replace power converters, voltage regulators etc. These companies are looking to save 5.5 billion on energy cost by 2010.Companies taking these steps will begin a new era of technology and will produce products that will consume less energy and will be benefit for society and environment. (BOSLET, Green Energy)

Tesla Motors

This is another vehicle making companies that is planning to use green technology and make cars that are environment friendly. They are making vehicles that are totally electric and that go 244 miles per charge with very good speed. They are making some luxury cars right now but they can use this green technology in making of normal cars. This is another automotive company that is looking to build electric cars, that’s going to change the future of this world. We are going to cut down carbon emission and get rid of fuels that cause damage to this world environment. (FALUDI, Tour of Tesla)


Toyota is another company that is planning to make vehicles that are totally electric; they are planning to make all cars electric by 2012. These types of cars are going to replace the use of gasoline that is a big harm to environment. With electric cars we are going to have cars that are going to use a different form of energy and that is not going to cause damage to the environment, like the cars are causing the damage nowadays. Fuel efficient cars are going to cut the carbon emissions and will help in reducing the use of oil we will have more clean air to breathe. These cars give more miles per gallon and the biggest advantage is the reduction of oil use, clean air, less carbon emissions, reduction in green house gases etc. (ST. JOHN, Toyota)

General Electric

General Electric is another company that is taking steps to get environmental friendly products so for that they launched a project called Ecomagination. They have sold many products like solar panels, cleaner energy, hybrid engines and water treatment systems. Their goal is to cut greenhouse gas emission by 1% in 2012. GE can get huge revenue by going green and the steps they are taking will help in getting new forms of energy and that will help the old technology with environmental friendly products. (UNKNOWN, Ecoimagination)

Environmental Suggestions


Bioremediation means any process that uses microorganisms, green plants, fungi or any enzymes to return the natural environment changed by contaminants to its original position. Companies can use this method to bring the soil back to its natural state and remove the contamination. (CORNELL UNIV, Bioremediaton)

Harnessing Wave Power

Wave power is another way that can be used in making environmental condition better. Wave power is produced when electricity generators are placed on the surface of the ocean. The energy produced can be used for electricity generation, water desalination, water pumping. Wave power is new form of energy. So by using this type of energy world will get new renewable energy that will be useful for the environment. (RICKMAN, How to Invest)

Using Hybrid Trucks to Move Materials

Companies like Wal-Mart are trying hybrid trucks for commercial use. And more companies are looking forward to have a hybrid trucking fleet. This will be a big change that will benefit the environment. Companies can replace the old trucks which cause carbon emissions with hybrid trucks and alternative fuels. (UNKNOWN, Walmart)

Hybrid Copier

Photocopiers usually have energy saver mode but often it does not work because of long term warm up. With the help of hybrid copiers that uses special toner and heater to trim the warm up period to 10 seconds. Companies can make rewritable paper printer. This can erase existing data for new print. This will reduce the use of paper. (UNKNOWN, Ricoh)


Companies can buy recycled paper and make efforts to recycle the paper they use. This will also help to cut the use of paper. It will save money also and will make our environment better. Not only paper but recycling other products, plastic will also help in making our environment better. We all know that plastic takes years to decompose and that create lots of garbage. Recycling will help us reduce garbage and the use of same product again and again will sole our environmental issues. (EARTH911, RecycleMe)

Understanding Implications

As we all know. World is facing serious environmental issues. With decades of oil use, manufacturing, landfills of garbage and the way of life has destroyed our world. Day by day we use finishing natural resources. But the world has got great advancements in technology. If we do not change the way we are living we are going to destroy our planet. The environment is going to be out of human controls and we will see lots of problems. But with the use of technology we can make world a better place. Like we mentioned in our project now we have to change our lives and change our way of living. We have to use hybrid cars, make renewable and reusable fuels, Cut down our use of natural resources, and make products which are recyclable. We can use technology to make electricity, hybrid cars, and use technology in every area so that is benefit to the society. With this companies will get revenue and we are going to make environment better so people of our generation and the next generation are going to benefit from this. By using new ways of technology everybody will get benefit from that, because environment is the biggest issue that world is facing and if we do not do anything this problem is going to be become worse. Nobody is going hurt if we use green technologies because in the coming years green technology is going to the focus of most of the companies. Most of the companies are driving the use of technology around environmental issue. I think we should not rely totally on technology we should take steps that do not involve any kind of technology and save our natural resources. We can grow more trees, use recycled products small steps like these also help. World is facing another global social issues like human health, human rights and etc. But now the biggest issue world is facing is the environmental issue, global warming, climate change etc. Most of the people in poor countries are not aware of this issue, but some of them are facing health problems, some need their rights, because of poverty they are facing other issues, and many people are not aware of environmental issue. We have to consider other issues also but we have to change the way we are living, we have to change this old economy with the new green tech economy with new products which are not going to damage our environment and then we can save our planet.

Articles to Consider

1.Alternative source of energy

These articles talks about alternative source of energy in this case it talks about solar panels as a source of energy that will replace old way to obtain energy and will solve the environmental problems for the world.

Question? The question which arises from this article is that, Should every house have a solar panel as a source of energy and replace the old ways of energy.


2.Public transport vs Private transport

In this article we see that public transport is better for the environment and also it is convenient, cheap and fast. If public transport uses green technology then people can use more public transport to cut down the carbon emissions. Question. Is there a need to make public transport better and motivate people to use public transport?


3.Going green to stop global warming

In this article the writer talks about ways to stop global warming. As global warming is caused by emissions of carbon dioxide in the air so if we can cut the emissions of carbon dioxide we can stop global warming. Question. Many countries are aware of this issue but do you think to stop this problem we need to help poor countries to go green also? Like making them more aware of this issue and helping them to go green.


4.Big corporations go green

These articles talks about companies going green but corporation also going green and before corporation used to manufacture products to get maximum profit but now they are also going green. Question? Question arises from this article is that if companies are going green? Is there a need that people also think green and change their lives to make this environment better?


“ Will the California Farm Bureau Join the 21th Century?”

In this article is talking how the California Farm Bureau is getting ready to hold sustainable and carbon-neutral transportation because California now in problem with the water since this state did not have enough rainfall in fall 2008. Before they recognized this problem, they all do not want to build this train , but just want more freeway and roads. Below is article that will discuss about more detail and quote from the CFBF and HSR. In addition, there is more sites for us to learn new about the Train Rail.

APA <Robert Cruickshank. (May 26, 2009). “ Will the California Farm Bureau Join the 21th Century?” California High Speed Rail Blog.( Nov 2008).>

Vision For High Speed Rail In America

The United Stated Government are planning to build up a speed rail that will connect to the whole community American. the purpose for Gor.Obama to make this decision because he wants all the citizen to drives less oil-fuel cars and from that will reduce the National dependent on oil U.S Department of Energy.

<U.S. Department of Transportation, “Vision For High-Speed Rail in America,” April 2009. High-Speed Rail Strategic Plan. The American and Reinvestment Act.

"U.S Commits $13 Billion to Aid High Speed Rail."

President Obama reported that our country already spent at least $13 billion to open the new area to build the high speed passenger rail transportation. In $13 billion, inside $8 billion from stimulus funds for high speed rails, and the rest of $5 billion more in the next 5 years that he is looking for now. In addition, California Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger has states that $30 billion plan already build an capable of taking passenger from Los Angles to San Francisco in 2 hours will be submit for federal funds. President want to called that amount money and want to build net trail like Eupor. In my opinion, I think not so long, we will have quickly access transportation in the whole American. APA <Christopher Conkey and Alex Roth ( 17 April, 2009) “U.S Commits $13 Billion to Aid High Speed Rail.” The Wall Street Journal. Politics.>

Bonus Learning