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June 1-3, 2010 @ Evergreen Valley College, San Jose, CA



  • Meet & greet
  • Expectations, objectives, needs > problem definition > problem-based learning
  • Those seeking credit are required to complete the activities


  • Moodle expertise - current / desired
  • group formation / range of expertise - new, some experience, power user, homogeneous / mixed ability - support by level, subject, geography


  • Moodle tour
  • course log in / scavenger hunt

Activities - for each of the Seven Principles there are

  • Overview notes
  • discussion topics - Explore, Learn and Apply - with discussion prompt questions and other posts
  • technologies that support each principle to test-drive, develop learning activities for your own course, and describe your experience.

Seven Principles - Activities

1. encourage student-faculty contact - Overview, Activities

2. encourage cooperation among students - Overview, Activities


  • recap - outstanding, new objectives for day and workshop
  • student role - "enroll" in courses
  • reflection - thinking questions

3. encourage active/engaged learning - Overview, Activities

4. give prompt feedback - Overview, Activities

5. emphasize time on task - Overview, Activities

6. communicate high expectations - Overview, Activities


  • recap - outstanding, new objectives for day and workshop
  • instructor role - presence, feedback, grading
  • reflection - thinking questions

7. respect diverse talents and ways of learning - Overview, Activities


summary, peer reviews, next... - Activities

Something to think about... from Blogs & Beyond: Teaching with Technology and Curiosity

  • What challenges and/or failures have you faced while teaching with technology?
  • Have you utilized technology to encourage critical thinking?
  • How have your experiences with technology changed your pedagogical methods, expectations, or results? Not just "digital facelift" - merely taking what you do & doing it online?
  • How do you find new tools and evaluate them?
  • What have we to learn from our students? What have you learned from your students?

Communities of practice, professional connectivity

  • Are you participating in communities of practice? Leading? Contributing? Sharing? Lurking? Learning? Networking? Collaborating?


Learn more...

  • Saddleback College - Online Educator Program - online program for faculty new to online instruction or who want to learn more about specific areas of online teaching. There are six courses in the Online Educator Skills Award, which can be taken in any order. Three of those courses will be offered this summer, starting on May 24.