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Group work Activities - Survivor

Equipment: Whiteboard, pens, List of key questions, grid

Set up: Put up the empty grid below on the board, along with the codes of consequences a group could get

Instructions: The idea of the game is to have the largest remaining team left. Split your group into two even teams. Count off the members and put the total on the board for each team.

Each team has ten seconds to answer the key question from the teacher. Every member of your team must answer a question before they are able to answer another one. The person answering must have their hand up before the 10 seconds is up. No calling out, otherwise the other team gets a go. I(f they get it incorrect, or do not answer in the allocated time slot, the other team gets to answer the question (give them another 10 secs) etc....

Once a correct answer is answered, the person who answered the question gets to select a square on the grid. Underneath that square (the grid the teacher has) is a consequence. Students are unaware what is under each grid. If they are able to kill another member of the other team, that member goes to “no-mans land” until a nurse or doctor can be used to 'save' them. If they get a 'bomb' they also have to travel to 'no-mans land,' where they may not talk or respond to their team.

The team with the most remaining, members left, after the grid has been fully answered wins (unless a team is fully knocked out prior).


1 2 3 4 5
A Bomb Rifle Bomb Rifle POW
B Nurse Bomb Gun Gun Doctor
C Gun Doctor POW Gun Bomb
D POW Gun Doctor Nurse Nurse


Doctor – saves 2

Nurse – saves 1

Rifle – kill 2

Gun – kill 1

Bomb – the person that picked the square dies

POW (prisoner of war) – You get to steal a member of the other team (not someone from no-mans land)