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I am a teacher educator ( Asst. Prof.) working at St. Xavier's Institute of Education.I am teaching at this institute for the last 16 years. I enjoy teaching. I have also been engaged in research activities and extension work offered by our university of Mumbai. I grew up in Vile PArle West, and I studied in a convent school St. Joseph's Convent High School. I enjoyed my childhood days. I have a younger sister,Lini and the youngest of us is a brother, Joseph. My father worked in the railways and we used to stay in the quarters provided by the railways. We had so many facilities. Life went on and I decided to become a teacher, I was always interested in doing social work. I found a great man in my life Sebastian Paul. He is working for the Young MEn's Christian Organisation ( YMCA) . Here at the YMCA there are programs for the body, mind and spirit.I stay at the YMCA provided accomodation at Belapur, We have all the facilities in the campus. We have a swimming pool, a basketball court, table tennis tables, badminton court and also a counselling centre.

I teach Educational Evaluation, Action Research and Science method at the Institute. I am in a Jesuit run institution and we believe in Jesuit values. The Jesuits believe in the "MAGIS" the greater and more. All teacher educators are urged to give off their best for the greater and more.I have completed my post graduation in Organic Chemistry, post graduation in Education, Post graduate Diplomas in Management of Education as well as higher education. I have also completed my Ph.D. in Education , my area of research being "Academic Freedom, Accountability and Professionalism of teachers in tertiary education.

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I am interested in doing lot of research in Education. I am interested in collaborating with teacher educators all over the world. I want to learn new things.

I want to devise innovative methods of teaching - learning.

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