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My Profile

Hello Everybody

My name is Teresa Bellido Lozada and I'm an English language teacher. I've been working at El Cultural, a binational center, in Trujillo (Peru) since 2009.

I really love teaching and I'm sure that here I'll make profitable use of my time learning amazing things as well as sharing ideas.

Professional Background

I studied at Jose de San Martin high school in Trujillo from 1994 to 2004. Then I studied English at El Cultural. After that, I got into Mayor de San Marcos Natinal University.

At present I'm about to finish my studies in English laguage teaching and get my bachelor's degree. It feels like El Cultural is my second home since I'm also working there.

I am a teacher who loves challenging myself and who is committed to go beyond general expectations and that's why I endeavor to keep updated as the learning landscapes


My Projects

My Reflection

"Who Dares to Teach Must Never Cease to Learn"
1799. John Cotton Dana (1856-1929). Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989

The latter is one of my favorite quotes and I believe every single endeavour to strive to make my students learning English and my own learning a rewarding and enjoyable

experience worths the pain.