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Ms. Tullia Ible c/o Caribbean Fisheries Training & Development Institute PO Box 1150 Port of Spain Trinidad & Tobago

Currently, I am the Principal of the above institute, the sole fisheries training institute in the CARICOM area.
We conduct training in Seafood Processing inclusive of Fish Handling,Salt Curing, Drying and Smoking, Shellfish Marinades and Fish Cookery. We also conduct Class IV Training - Basic Safety Training, Fire Fighting,Basic First Aid and Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities.

Other Activities

Today, March 17th, I am completing participation in a workshop on "International Training & Material Development" held in the Seychelles. This workshop was offered by the Virtual University of Small States of the Commonwealth (VUSSC)and its goals were:

1. To improve ICT skills of the participants 2. To develop course/curriculum and learning materials on fisheries 3. To establish an on-going network of educators and industry professionals to enhance Online Distance Learning.

I think we have achieved these objectives.