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A virtual office is a combination of off-site live connection and address services that allow users to reduce traditional office costs while maintaining business professionalism. Frequently the term is confused with “office business centers” or “executive suites” which demand a conventional lease whereas a right virtual office does not require that expense.

The virtual office theory came from the junction of technological innovation and the Information Age. The concept has roots in the Industrial Revolution, where parallels to current work styles, specifically working from home, have been drawn. The term was first used in a 1983 airline in-flight magazine article about portable computing. The virtual office idea is an evolution of the executive suites industry. However, the firmness of an executive suite lease doesn’t work for many business models and helped spur the virtual office theory. The first commercial application of a virtual office happened in 1994, when Ralph Gregory founded “The Virtual Office, Inc”, in Boulder, Colorado. This corporation expanded throughout North America and is now known as “Intelligent Office”.

The term “virtual office” implies space utilization, but a full application includes professional live interaction.

We have two models of Virtual Office products called Silver Plus and Platinum Plus.


The Silver packageoffers you the results of cost-effective rate. Your business will benefit from a local mail - prestigious CBD business address; access to professional meeting room services along with all the OfficePlus service and infrastructure advantages.


   A fax number and email address.

Concerning Address

   A prestigious CBD address
   Your mail, faxes and courier documents will be managed by the professional team.
   Free e-mail notifications when mail or packages arrive or depart.

Concerning Meetings

   Book and confirm meeting rooms, boardrooms and office suites via OfficePlus Online
   Complimentary use of the executive meeting rooms for 5 hours per year
   OfficePlus Broadband internet access


The Platinum Plus model gives you the results of complete virtual office services and cost effective rate. Your business will benefit from prestigious CBD addresses, 1 local telephone numbers and dedicated receptionists, access to professional meeting rooms facilities and complimentary time in the training rooms.

Concerning Communications

   1 local business phone numbers.
   All calls will be answered by your auto-greeting (IVR ) system.
   A fax number and email address
   Voicemail to email service

For Address

   Impressive CBD addresses.
   Mail, faxes and courier documents managed by professional team
   Free e-mail notifications when mail or packages arrive or depart.
   Free Weekly Mail Forwarding*


   Book and confirm meetings rooms and day offices via OfficePlus Online
   Complimentary use of the management meeting rooms for 10 hours per year.
   OfficePlus Broadband internet connection

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