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I'm a fraternal twin and mom. I love to learn I'll be a student for life. I'm in the CIS2 class computers in society a De-Anza College.

Millennium Development Goal #2

I chose to work on this goal because I think education is the most powerful tool you can give to anyone, to not afford everyone the right to a basic education worldwide is debilitating to the entire world. In third world countries where children get no education, starving and sick the country is never going to be able to progress without knowledge. Especially these days with technology booming way faster then we can catch up we need to help each other start sharing our knowledge so that we can build a stronger country as well. I think with technology being where it is makes it a perfect time to achieve universal education. We have access via the web to any information we need so teaching children or adults will be a lot easier to reach via the web then in classroom instruction. There have been programs that have been built to allow communication where there was no way before. so

1.This website has numerous links and information regarding whether we will reach our 2015 MDG #2 “Universal Primary Education Goal”. The website reports from data monitored that the total number of children out of school fell from 106 million to 67 million between 1999-2005.

2.My World is a survey of one million people worldwide conducted by the United Nations and partners to help hear the world's voices, top priorities and opinions. The survey is will help shape the foundation of the next millenium development goals in 2015. The top 2 priorities are education and healthcare. Education coming in at the top 2 global priorities the world wants to address is awesome. The two things I always have thought should be free. If we are educated and healthy we have a strong society, country. There is a link to actually take the survey, as well as a link to the


3. UNESCO created a monitor and evaluating system which ensures, 

Progress and challenges to be assessed Countries to be made accountable for their commitments. Areas of success or failure also to be identified. Reinforce educational planning Appropriate policy actions will be taken