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Anotated Bibliography

Buitrago, R., Ayala, R. (2008) Overcoming fear to speak in English through meaningful activities: A study with teenagers, profile Issues in teachers' professional development, 9, pp.23-46

In this article Buitrago & Ayala review some learning strategies to overcome speaking fears and anxiety. The authors use data gained through questioners and questionaires in a public secondary school in Bogota, Colombia in order to identify students´reactions towards some learning strategies to overcome the fear to speak in English.Their research focuses on identifying students' needs to understand the phenomenon.The article is useful to my research topic, accordinmg to Buitrago and Ayala before the teacher apply a learning strategie, identification of students needs should be done, thus the authors indicate that a survey is a good tool to identify reasons why students are afraid to speak and then apply the apprpriate strategie according to the students profile, this article indicates a similar structure of my research.


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