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== The influence of the internet on our lives ==

Name: Sahar Dabush

Ort-Guttman High School

Class: 12th grade

Date: March 10, 2009

Table of contents


The internet-origins and background……………………………..4

The influence of the internet on the economy……………………5

The effect of the internet on the culture……………………….….6

Bad influence of the internet………………………………….…..7





I chose to write about this subject because as an internet user on a regular basis I think it is important to know how the internet affects our lives. In our everyday life we use the internet a lot without really paying attention how much it helps us and how much we depend on it. Our world has gone through a major revolution since the internet invaded our lives and became an integral part of it. There is not a field in our lives which is not connected with it. From E-mails to important business deals from internet marketing to an expanded source of information. I can definitely say that every change in our life affects us, let alone a huge change like the internet, whether it is for the better or for the worse. The purpose of this project is to examine a few fields where the impact of the Internet is significant and meaningful.

The internet-origins and background

After The USSR launched Sputnik, the first artificial earth satellite, US created the Advanced Research Projects Agency in 1958 in order to regain technological leadership. The internet was invented by the Department of Defense of the USA in order to transfer information from place to place within the USA army easily and quickly and to protect it by storing the information in different places. A few years later, the internet was already being used by some universities in the USA. After a while the internet was opened for civilian use. In 1989 Tim Berners-Lee, invented the global Hypertext which allowed people to share information and files. After that he developed the Html and then the URL system. The combination of these two created in 1991 the internet as we know it today.

The influence of the internet on the economy

In the past, all business deals like money transfer and trading stocks were made through the bank, and in the bank. Every business process was complicated and took a long time especially if it was international. Today all of those transactions are done via the internet and distance is no longer relevant. For example, stock trading nowadays is done very simply. Not only can everyone see the stocks rate every where and any time, but everyone can find out all about the company stock and to estimate their future change as well. Moreover, everyone can purchase them immediately directly from one's computer only by one click. The internet has also changed private customers. The Internet has brought many unique benefits to marketing including low costs and purchasing anything you think of no matter where you are. The internet allows us to check our bank account details, see all our expenses and even transfer money from one account to another in no time. The internet is also a good advertising tool. You can advertise any thing you want on the internet at a very low cost. Undoubtedly, the internet has changed global and individual business. Stocks trading, money transfers, buying and selling, checking bank accounts and advertising. All of which are done more quickly and more efficiently through the internet. The effect of the internet on the culture The internet is a mean of communication which exposes us to the world. There are a lot of programs which allow us to write to each other on the internet like e-mails, programs for instant messages like ICQ, messenger and there are also talking programs like skype. People from different countries are able to chat and talk with each other on the internet. The internet is also being used by some TV and radio stations which broadcast from all over the world and they are available for anyone to watch. People can see foreign movies and listen to foreign songs which represent different cultures. The internet is definitely number one source of information. Internet users can learn, investigate and satisfy their curiosity about any subject they wish to. The internet is a great source of news as well. By using the internet, we can read about any event everywhere in the world just minuets after it has occurred. Before the internet, people heard the news hours or even days after they happened whereas now, we are actually "there". Today, the internet users are getting the chance to be exposed to other cultures, talk and chat with each others and be updated with the world in a few minutes. The access to any information is simple and unlimited. Everyone can learn as much as he wants. The internet could be very educational and very developing. Bad influence of the internet The internet has some bad influence as well. Today, in the internet age information has become very easy to obtain. Therefore, confidential information is being published without any censorship and is exposed on the internet so that everyone can see it eventually. Many countries use the internet in order to spy on people and on other countries. Another phenomenon that happens due to the internet is laziness. With the internet people can do anything from home. Until the internet, when someone needed something, he had to go to the store and get it or if you had a project or research to write on you needed the local library. However, nowadays all that can be done from home. Moreover, there are some jobs which the worker stays at home sits opposite the computer and earns a salary. A lot of people buy and cell on the internet and that allows internet thieves known as "hackers" to break into the site database and steal customers' bank accounts information, or even computers information in order to break into the customers' computers and reach private details. There are people who download movies, songs, games and even books illegally. They use the internet to get free all the things that others work for free. The internet could also be used for bad purpose. Whether it's for invading someone's privacy and steal private documents or whether finding sensitive information or if it's for downloading copyrights things. Conclusion The internet is a modern tool which influences the way we shop, communicate, learn and eventually live. Most of the businesses whether global or individual, are done on the internet easily and quickly. We can communicate via many programs which work through the internet in various ways: writing, talking and even playing no matter where in the world one is. By using the internet, I can expose ourselves to different cultures, hearing news from all over the world without any delay and doing researches on every subject we are interested in with the information which is given on the internet. In a way we can say that nothing is hidden or delayed. Speed of technology together with speed of communication, expose us to the extreme changes which take place all the time all over the world. The world has become a global village. Like any other great invention, the internet can be used for good and unfortunately for bad as well. People use the internet as a tool to invade other people's privacy, stealing money and information or download things free instead of buying them. I strongly believe that despite the bad things we will continue to include it in our lives. Like in every thing in life there are risks which we shouldn’t let them prevent us from using the internet. The internet is a revolutionary invention which changed the world and is still changing it. In order to make the internet safer not only should the police or the government convict those who use the internet for bad purpose but they should punish them harshly as well. Moreover, their punishment should be used as an example to scare and deter others. We should be careful when we use the internet but it is important to remember that the internet is just the tool. The people are those who violate and take it to dishonest activities and eventually to crime. By using the internet a wonderful world can be revealed in front of our eyes. No one is ready to give it up, even if the price is sometimes too expensive.



During our life we use a lot of machines and gadgets for many reasons on a daily basis. Those machines and gadgets usually considered today as things which are not ordinary. While writing this project I have learned that the internet which we all use a lot had many effects on our lives.

While I was searching for information about the influence of the internet I was amazed how much researchers and articles discussed about this subject. When I read those articles I start thinking about the huge influence of the internet in general. But just when I was writing the project I really realized how big the influence of the internet on our life and we can not imagine my life or the world without it.