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[[Image:]][[Image:]]Risk Analysis and Management
Venue:Dunedin Date/time: 21st September
Personnel:Nathan Class:Year 7/8s

Undesired events:

Accident, injury, other forms of damage

Fatal injury in vehicle accident

Student injured in vehicle accident or from environmental factors

Losing a student

Medical Emergency involving an adult or student

= People = = Equipment = = Environment =

Causal factors Poor group control.

Transport by bus

Students with special needs / medical problems.

Inadequate supervision

Vehicle accident

Inadequate / lack of First Aid

Traffic congestion

Pedestrian congestion

Risk Management Strategies Normal Operation Ratio of 1:7

Skilled instructors experienced in group management

Clear instructions

Setting up of roles for helpers

Knowledge of medical / special needs conditions

Reinforce road safety rules

First Aid Certificate

Adult supervisors are given names of students in their group.

Roll call on regular basis

Parent responsible for group

First Aid kit

Medication for specific students.

Train rules discussed before trip – windows, walking around.

Pre-planning safe walking routes or discuss where we are heading

Cross at appropriate places

Adult at front and rear of group

Wait for stragglers

Organise meeting points if we get separated.

Risk Management Strategies

Emergency Situation Means of communication for help

Emergency vehicle – taxi ambulance

Emergency Procedures – Defining the roles of adults

Mobile phones available