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Welcome to the Home Page of

Ron Beyers

  1. Qualifications
   * B.Sc in Biological Science
   * Masters Degree in Education
   * Certificate in Technology Education (Top Student)
  1. Notable Achievements
   * Over 25 Years of teaching Experience in 10 different subject areas
   * Co-authored 38 Text Books in Technology Education
   * Formula One in Schools Competition (
   ** Produced the top South African team two years in a row (2004/5)
   ** Same team placed second in the world and are the current world record holders
  1. Delivered 5 papers at international conferences
   * The Connected Learning Community
   * The Connected Learning Community – A classic case for Open Learning
   * The Connected Learning Community – A classic case for Knowledge Management
   * Warmware Issues in Education
   * The Ulwazi Project
  1. Key international projects include
   * International Student Project for Gifted Children
   * World School Forum
  1. Hosted the following key events
   * International Student Project for Gifted Children
   * Millennium Minds Conference
   * 3 Information Leadership Conferences
   * Meraka Innovate Conference
  1. Ulwazi Project (
   * Virtual interactive collaborative classrooms promoting digital inclusion
   * Conceived and Project Managed the Ulwazi Project 
   ** Top four finalists of the Wireless Broadband Innovators Award for 2005
   ** Top Ten Finalists in the Telespan’s Wild and Unexpected Applications Contest
  1. Additional Information
   * SMART Exemplary Educator
   * Microsoft top 12 Innovative Teacher in South Africa 2006
   * Certificated SMART Master - First in South Africa
   * Established Re-engeneering Science Engineering and Technology (RESET)
  1. Current Major Project
   * Conceived the Young Engineers of South Africa Program(YESA)

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