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My First Experience it goes. we are atteng a workshop on web 2.0 and social media for development. Yeah it sounds so easy and interesting to most people, and most people will think, yeah.. i know all about that. But the reality is about 70% of that staff you know nothing about. Why, because most of us are in the tendency of just clicking here and there but not really gioing deep into the technology or the tool.

Let me bring you to the challenge. How many of you would imagine that basic information that you have about raising chickens or how to plough with a donkey could be really of great use to the next person. The idea here is to collaborate and share the information use these basic tools that wwe use everyday, facebook, tweeter and others.Anyway that is the story and it continues.

How to Use the Tools

Now i have learned how to do wikis i have succesfully completed mine, basically my first web page, and now i am requested to write something on the web page. Is not easy not that i cant write, just beacuse i have lot of information to write about, therefore i dont know where to start. Just for now.


an astricks (*)before a listing will list in a point form a harsh (#)before a listing will list numerically a single quote (') before a word-bold-italics-bold+italics

Districts in Botswana

  1. Southern District
  2. South East District
  3. Kgatleng District
  4. Kweneng District
  5. Central District
  6. North East District
  7. Ngami District
  8. Gantsi District
  9. Kgalagadi District
  10. North West District

How to do a link

For further info visit Botswana College of Agriculture

Adding an Image

if you add pictures you are adding to the public domain therefore anyone will be able to use it.therefore avoid adding personal images. so these is ho you do it:

  • two square bracket
  • semi colon
  • Image name_grk.jpg (file extension)
  • add pie
  • add caption for the image
  • add another pie
  • type file size e.g. thumbnail
  • close with two square brackets
  • from there you are going to see a red link on the right. you have created a place where you are going to upload your image.
  • fill in the form accordingly

collaborating remotely using Google Drive

  • what if we can work together on the document-you see the changes i make and i see the changes you make
  • sharing docs get very easy