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My Brief Profile

This is me

About Me...

I am a lecturer in the Department of Information and Communication Technology at the Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT, located in Umlazi, KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. I have been involved in higher education for the past 15 years, having previously served in the IT departments at UKZN, MLST (DUT), and TSA (UNISA).

ICT Higher Education

I am currently the National Vice-President (Professional Services) of the Higher Education Information and Communication Technology Association (HEICTA) of South Africa, an organization representing the interests of IT lecturers at Universities of Technology and Comprehensive Universities in South Africa. The organization is primarily concerned with curriculum matters and is deeply involved in advancing the interests of the IT HE sector.


My research interests include information and knowledge management, e-Learning technologies, Internet and Web 2.0 technologies, and ICT promotion, education and advocacy. I am a strong proponent of the mixed methods research methodology, believing that pragmatism in academic inquiry is a major prerequisite to ensuring that research into educational matters are reflective of the current diverse state of affairs in the higher education sector in South Africa. I am driven by the firm belief that ICTs do not merely reinforce the infrastructure of higher education but greatly increase our power to implement the academic ideal that knowledge is important.