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Occupation:Student Of Computer Science


A Bit About Pratik Lunagariya

About me

Hello everyone I am Pratik Lunagariya Born and Raised in Bhayavadar (Amreli, Gujarat), Student of Computer Science (M.C.A.) in Rk University,Rajkot. I did My Schooling From Kamani Forward HighSchool, Amreli. and Then Moved to Rajkot to Study. Graduated From Department of Bachelor of Computer Application in Saurastra University, Rajkot (Gujarat).I Belong to The Patel Clan of Hindu. My Major is in the Business and Web Development/Designig field. I am Very Individualistic Person Who Has a Gift For Figuring out How People Who are Different Can Work Together Productively.

I've worked on almost all popular web platform languages and I keep my skills up-to-date by practicing them outside of my work. I keep myself updated with latest front-end web technologies. I can almost write HTML and CSS code in a plain text editor without referencing any documentation.

When I am not front of my laptop, I love watching movies and listening song with eating some good food. I enjoy photography with my friends, so I built my own photo gallery site. I like to spend my time with my family. I loves to bring joy to people and make them smile.



Post Graduation Department of Master of Computer Applicatione At Rk University,Rajkot

Graduate Department of Bachelor of Computer Application At Saurastra University,Rajkot

Graduate 11th& 12th Board
At Shre N.M. Sheth Kumar Vidhyalay,Moti Kunkavav

Highschool Kamani forward highschool,Amreli

My Interest

  • Reading novels.
  • Listening music.
  • Exploring something new.
  • Surfing internet
  • Driving & Travelling

Awards / Achievements

  • Best speech about Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan in class 8.

My Project

  • Online Mobile Shopping (Php)
    submitted in Saurastra University (Department Of Bachelor Of Computer Application)