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Hello, my name is Drew Evans MA, PhD My education = PhD in Clinical Psychology with graduate diplomas in Behaviour Analysis.

                          MA in Music (Composition)
                         Undergraduate Diplomas in Applied Science & Quantum Physics.

Other Skill-Sets include:

       Crimson Sash in Kunlun Kung Fu ( think 5th degree Black Belt )
       'Master' rank in Qigong/Chi Gung, specifically Nei Gong Chi Gong

I work as a behaviour consultant & analyst for Autistic children using Applied Behaviour Analysis & Relationship Development Intervention. I live as a composer primarily of solo piano works.

I am completely in support of open, free and eventually credit-granting open/free education I beleive that everyone should have the opportunity for higher learning regardless of their socio-economic status, race, gender, location or even prior scholastic success or failure. One who gets F's in high school when forced to study subject they hate while undergoing biological, social and developmental stressors should not be barred from university level education In other words just because you flunked a lot in high school does not mean you should not be granted higher education if:

1) you have the intelligence and knowledge to perform the work, and 2) the ambition or interest to pursue these courses.

another issue is, if you are in a "ghetto" or area that does not offer such education or can not afford it but you fulfill the above 2 criteria- you should have access to education! theres my rant. I am considering creating a training program here for Applied Behaviour Analysis which would enable intelligent and compassionate persons to become Behaviour Interventionists and work in applied psychology with a decent wage ($12-$18CDN/hr starting wage). This would require much effort and learning including reading materials suggested as well as the interest and ability to work with Autusm Spectrum individuals, but the knowledge aquired would be sufficient to be hired by a behaviour consultant as a BI. In Canada one dies not need a degree yet to do this work- just the knowledge & skill. Because of the pressing need, other countries also have an open policy. This would be an excellent educational stepping-stone for those interested in pursuing Psychology- also Behaviour Intervention experience is worth its weight in gold for your CV and admission into graduate studies. This is what I hope to offer in the next few months. It is now mid-May '09. If interested- keep watch!