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Hello all, my name is Freddy Ramachandran; 47 year old single male, living 7500 Ft. up in the Nilgiri (Blue-Mountain) hills, in the town of Ooty, in the South-Indian state of Tamilnadu.

At present I am the CEO of Package Tour operating service company, with the Website of the same name. Being completely self-taught in a totally holistic way regards computers, I am happy to say that I am pretty good at almost all aspects of the PC. From basic to advanced hardware problem solving; advanced networking; all relevant software needed by an ordinary individual in getting by on a day-to-day basis; etc.etc.

Whenever I have the spare time, I try to pass on some of this knowledge to people who approach me. So it suddenly occured to me...why not properly organise, and streamline a total "Easy-Learning Training" course, which would be within the grasp of the completely computer-ignorant rural masses of my home-town, for a start.

While looking around I came across this wonderful opportunity of a website, whiich struck me instantly as being the most appropriate one to help me fulfil my dream of providing a basic computer knowledge to those most in need of it.

I would be very thankfull to all of you, who can find the time and inclinication, to help me realise this worthy project.

And once it is up and running, I also fervently hope that it will serve as a model for many other deserving people all over the globe.

All details of contacting me can be found on the above mentioned website.

Thankyou for taking the trouble of going through this page.

Good luck.