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I Nyaki, young and motivated youth on a helping society based on education manner, i feel like helping is among the most important thing to go about, am so ambitious in give out what i have and take back what i get to the societies am depend on, i feel being part of societies is being part of a certain family,

My Hobbies

i like hangout with people who need help and share my knowledge on what i have, i like spend much time give back to the societies and explore the world through mindset,


i am so professional in helping people and society at large,

me and life

me and my life is just me and my societies around me

  • me and love
  • me and hope
  • me and passion

my links

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while others keep developing in the world of 21st some of us keep struggling behind on how we can make it in life (TANZANIA) its a beautiful country with large amount of resources and opportunities which can make someone become successful, but still a big number of societies keep struggling for the available opportunities and a way to succeed in life, then that's a problem especially in developing countries, now what is the solution for this??....EDUCATION, join me to be a part of those who want to improve education in terms of quality and accessibility in developing countries especially TANZANIA