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Water and music in The Mechant of Venice


Find quotations for each of the following:

Salarino and Solanio’s linking of tempests with an unquiet mind:

Journeys to various places are undertaken for financial rewards:

Water is the cause of ruin and death:

Shylock is described as a dog\cur\wolf

…who hates music:


Find quotations for each of the following:

Lorenzo’s comments about music bringing about ‘stillness’ (V.i):

A journey to Belmont is undertaken for love’s rewards:

Rescue\salvation is offered by Belmont:

Portia is associated with heavenly imagery (heaven, monarch, kings etc. Act IV)

…and she loves music, often instructing musicians to play:

Extension: what is ‘the music of the spheres’? How does it relate to what we have discussed above?