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CIS 50

Hello. My Name is Maulik Chaudhari. I am attending CIS 50: Information and Systems at De Anza College in Cupertino. I am taking this class for my major and to furthur my knowlegde in these topics. I am a transfer student going for Business Administration: Accounting. On my spare time, I love to work on computers, that is repairing or building a barebone system. I have always, as far as I can remember, taken all types of electronics apart, and tried to put them back together until i perfected it. I am intereset in learning new thing, from this class and all the students taking it with me. 

Lifecycle Project

E-books is a great option for many people in the world these day. It applies for students, business people, or just an ordinary person. 

Uses:: The increase in using technologically advanced products such as Ipad in schools and work places and to be GREEN

Users: Any one from Middle-school to Adults

System Need: The information they need to access this is mainly how to actually use the product in a more efficient way.

Available to System: There are many types of system out there already capable of supporting E-Books, but to name a few: IPad, Kindle, Basic Laptops, etc

Inputs and Outputs

The basic interface will enable users to access their books from any location. The Information would be stored on a server.  Users are to have a Computer or Smartphone capable of reading PDF or Word documents. Users would need to input there e-books using a scanner or purchase them online. The output would consist of them being able to read texts on computer or on the go with smartphones.