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Today when I came to NUST I had no plans to join in the CTA Web 2.0 training but having parked at my usual place I met a participant from yesterday. This colleague invited me to join in the training and I must thank her profusely for her foresight. Her enthusiasm made me finish the task that I had in the morning.

Web 2.0 Training

This course has been an eye opener for me, in many ways. Much of what I have learnt this morning I have read about but never really understood. After our morning tea we were offered a variety of fruits.

  • apples
  • oranges
  • bananas
  • guavas
    • red
    • white

There were more topics to be covered in the next training phase.

  1. Wikis
  2. Blogs
How to create a link 

Primary education Secondary education

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