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This is my sandbox where I will play and do all my rough work.

27th March

==Templates== ==PHONICS FIRST==

Icon objectives.jpg
  • Give brief explanation of the Phonics First Programme
  • Discuss the contents of the kit
  • Explain the main steps of a Phonics first lesson
  • Demonstrate a Phonic Lesson

Visual (card with letter/s)

Auditory – Listen to the sound 

Tactile/Kinesthetic - write the symbol

Blending – blend the sounds together e.g. d / o / g = dog

Icon activity.jpg

Try using the Three Part Drill

  • Visual (Show a card with letter/s)
  • Auditory (repeat sound let pupils listen to the sound)
  • Tactile/Kinesthetic (allow pupils to write the symbol)

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Teach a lesson using the Phonics First Structure These must include
  1. Three-Part Drill
  • visual
  • Auditory /blending
  • Tactile/Kinesthetic
  1. New Introduction of a Sound or Rule
  2. Syllabication
  3. Red Words
  4. Oral Reading

I am learning to use the wikieducator

Now I am experimenting with the Bold and italic features

Here I am trying to use syntax

I have done that now

Today I am going to teach hhjjjf. first let me introduce myself and tell you what I have been doing.

I thought I did it correctly

I am trying it again We are moving into the subheadings

Special Education

Learning Support

Learning difficulty

Reading difficulties

Reading Recovery

Individual Teaching

Lesson Format

Indenting Text


Dipika Morris

Soho Road
St. John's

Using Bullet Points Dipika Morris

  • Where do I live
  • What work I do
  • How many children I have
    • 3 boys
    • 3 girl
  • What I like doing best

What time it is

  1. Three p.m.
  2. Three thirty p.m.
  3. Quarter to three
  4. Quarter Past three
    1. quarter to 9
    2. quarter past 9
    3. jjjj