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The Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) is a non-profit and charitable organization headquartered in San Francisco, California that operates several wikis. The foundation is mostly known for operating Wikipedia, an Internet encyclopedia which ranks in the top-ten most-visited websites worldwide.[5]


The organization was founded in 2003 by Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia, as a way to fund Wikipedia and its sister projects through non-profit means.[6][7] Besides Wikipedia, the foundation also operates Wiktionary, Wikiquote, Wikibooks, Wikisource, Wikimedia Commons, Wikispecies, Wikinews, Wikiversity, Wikidata, Wikivoyage, Wikimedia Incubator, and Meta-Wiki. It also owned the now-defunct Nupedia.


Today, the foundation employs more than 142 employees with revenues of US$48.6 million and cash equivalents of US$22.2 million.[2] Sue Gardner leads the foundation as its executive director, while Jan-Bart de Vreede serves as chairman of the board.

Districts in Botswana

  1. Southern District
  2. Central
  3. North East
  4. North West
  5. South East
  6. Kalahari
  7. Ganzi