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Hello, I am currently a senior at CSU East Bay, in Hayward. I am taking CIS 50 at De Anza to complete my Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and Management. I am an avid follower of technology and I hope to further add to my foundation of knowledge with the help of this course. I look forward to collaborate and possibly meet some of you! Thanks!

This might be taken, or might get complicated, but my plan is to create an information database like system that records and tracks your spending habits electronically through the use of your electronics payments (credit, debit, paypal, etc.) Like Quicken, you can categorize your expenses manually. Unlike Quicken, this program will automatically update itself as you spend and you can monitor or edit the information collected manually.

Users: any consumer

Users Need: electronic form of payment (credit, debit, paypal, etc.) System Need: sync with electronic payment. information will be gathered as user spends. Available Information: many statistics, reports, and user preferences

In today's world, we are "synced" with our phones. Most of us who have smart phones probably have computers at home. With this program, you can update your expenses on-the-go or while at home. With the millions and millions of apps out there for mobile phones and tablets, you will be able to edit your transactions as your spend on the go. Obviously, to do this, it will require a smart phone (preferably one with the Android operating system or iOS from Apple or Blackberry). This program will be free (of course will contain advertisement, how else would I get paid?) for all users with the three aforementioned systems. And of course, you can do all this from the comfort of your home on your computer (mouse, keyboard, monitor required). The whole point of this system is to be organized. The system will be totally user friendly (much like when the iPhone came out), easy to read on your phone and monitor (of course you will be able to do a lot more at home because of your flexibility).

What - are you getting audited, or know you will be? Are your expenses out of wack? Do you need to budget your money? Do you need to organize your bills and credit card spending? This is "what" my system will do for you.

How - I will integrate software like Dragon (voice control) and accounting software like Quicken to help you control your money. With the ability to control the system with your voice, without any complicated steps, the system will make you an efficient machine.

My system would be made to sell to regular consumers and small business owners. My direct competition would probably be Quicken. Quickbooks may also be a competitor, but Quickbooks is more of an accounting software for firms ranging from start up to mid-size. I am not too familiar with either, but I know that my design would be much more simplified. I recently filed my taxes using the online service. I found it extremely helpful and simple. Instead of clicking on possible deductions or credits, they asked me simple questions that guided me through my return. Like TurboTax, my system would be very user interactive and simple. An example would be voice recognition. So if you were a regular consumer and you wanted to organize your expenses and budget your money, the program would ask you questions like, "what did you spend today" or, "how much did you spend today." For a small business user, and example question would be, "what were your total revenue today?" This example would be for customers who have an existing MIS program and liked the simplicity of my design, or a brand new start up with with paper transactions that needed to be reconciled throughout the day. The main advantage that my design has over others is the shear simplicity and user friendly. My goal is to make the total experience for the user just that much more enjoyable.

My system, at heart, is a software for individual consumers and small businesses. Like any other software, there will be teams that collaborate with each other to continually redefine the system and to enhance ever so much. Some teams would be: a design team, a development team, a test team, a programming team, a management team, a sales team, etc. The development process will be test after test of continual usage and refining. As with many computer programs and software, there will be bugs and tweaking required. As for commercial use, I guess the only problem I would face are patent issues. I'm sure many other companies claim I stole their ideas, but with a good patent lawyer, it shouldn't be that big of a problem. As a computer software, customers will be able to update the software when updates are released. Like any other technology, software needs to be continually updated to maintain a leading edge. Continual testing and redefining will be necessary for the success of this product.

As a software where new users and new business can purchase whenever, a single launch date would not be necessary. Like any new software, customers will already have some idea of what the system would look like and a more general idea of how to use it. The system is not a system to be sold, but one to be bought. I won't be going out to try to sell it, it would be self marketed. When people come to you, it makes it much easier for the product to sell; because they already know what they want, they just want a good deal. As a fairly complex software that includes full customer support, staff will be easily available for contact. When it comes to customer support, I will adopt a non-automated support. I believe that every customer deserves to be heard from a human being that understands their issue and truly wants to serve the customer. Because without the customer, the product would be nothing. And with any sale, it doesn't end with a sale, the relationship starts with the sale

Honestly, I don't think my system will ever retire. With the constant change, development, and improvement to the system, my MIS would be beneficial for all. We all spend. This is how the economy works. We can't stop conducting business. So to track, organize, suggest, and to save are truly crucial to how we budget. As an accounting AND finance management information system, retirement should be out of the question. I think for an information system to be great, it should continually be improved, unlike electronics ( you have to buy new "stuff" all the time). But with a system software, it can be improved and updated right into your computer.