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Genetics is a very interesting branch of biology which deals with DNA . DNA is the genetic material which inherits the traits from one generation to the other.DNA is the molecule with four nucleotides arranged complementary to the other.The inheritance of the traits is due to the arrangement of these nucleiotides differently in different organisms. It is interesting to learn about our traits which we get from our parents. Plant genetics deals with the research going on in genetics to produce pest resistant,disease resistant varieties ,high yielding varieties of plants.The Germ Plasm is conserved in Cryopreservation for the research to be carried out every time.Seeds from all over the world are preserved in seed banks. India is rich in Biodiversity and to conserve our resources the field of Genetics plays a very important role.We can study our own traits comparing the same with our parents like dimples,rolling tongue,ear lobes fused or free,bent thumb,mid digit hair,curly hair, Widows peak etc.