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Kimani and Harrison have been assigned the following tasks:

  1. Outreach strategy
    • Advertising
    • How people will apply
  2. Selection criteria
    • Use online application
    • think of other selection criteria
  3. Training Schedule
    • When to start the training
    • Training Modules.(which ones to begin, then what and why)

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This is part of the National Rollout Plan of the African FOSS Business Training. This is considered the technical section of the project

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The Content of the FOSS training shall be divided into several Modules namely:

  1. Module 1 - Introduction to Emerging FLOSS Business Models
    • Introduction to Module 1
    • General FLOSS Concept
    • FLOSS business Globally
    • Evolution of FLOSS Communities and Software Markets
  2. Module 2 - Africa Business Model Case Studies
    • Introduction to Case Studies
    • Review of Case Studies
    • Round table discussion
  3. Module 3 - Communicating FLOSS
    • FLOSS Public Relation
    • Advocacy Strategies
    • Advocating FLOSS
    • Online Advocacy Tools
  4. Module 4 - Introduction to General Business Skills
    • Starting a Business
    • Business Plan
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Market
  5. Module 5 - FOSS - Specific Business Knowledge and Skills
    • FLOSS Proposals Contracts
    • Corporate Profile
    • How is FOSS Business Different
  6. Module 6 - FLOSS Training
    • Innovation in FOSS Business
    • How to be a FOSS Trainer
    • FOSS Training as a Business
    • Organising Training

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Tip: FLOSS and FOSS is the same thing