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Hey All, like most of you checking this page I am a student in CIS50 and I have an interest in learning more about datasystems and information systems because I would like to know more about how information is exchanged and shared in our modern community where a great deal of information is shared online.

My IS project:

Linked Mobile Device/Home Network Cloud

Uses: Makes a complete network between any mobile smart phone and all home computers, ideal for those who work at home without capabilities to use "Mobile Remote Desktop"

Users: Anyone with a smart-phone and home network

Users Need: Capable smart phone (Data/processor) and computer

System Need: Networked Computer OS support between phones, constant network device (i.e Dedicated networked hard-drive w/low profile linux cloud management), cloud management application (Mobile and desktop)

Available Information: Any desired linked information.


Specialized components will be necessary in order to implement my IS.

  • a dedicated full-time networked hard-drive to store information to be shared (more eco friendly than leaving an entire desktop running simply to access the HD)
  • a smart phone capable of high bandwidth information transfer (bluetooth, wifi, 3g/4g/4g-LTE)
  • a computer in order to program/add information to the networked H/D

The only information that will be necessary for the end user will be an email address or mobile phone number, the program will be completely self-programming and have a number of security checkpoints in order to prevent undesired information transfer/tampering by means of a PIN or a secure VPN key generator.