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  • Photograph Paragragh
  • Which prose is from a poem?
  • What your grandmother's grammar teacher did for poetry
  • Words, like Legos
    • Design a flash app that performs like magnetic poetry, allows for multiple users in same instance, allows for creation of new blocks and grouping of blocks
      • Who do I know that can program in Flash?
      • Is there an opensource Flash design programme?
  • Poetry's tacklebox: punctuation
    • series? words, rhyme (maintain the metaphor)
  • Last line challenge
    • Famous challenge to all students (And the hippos were boiled in their tanks.)
    • Everyone creates their own last line and each student draws one from a hat.
    • resource
  • blackboard extra credit
    • First student to get to class and finish writing a no more than ten line poem gets EC
  • Write poems that emphasises the types of words or punctuation
    • Each line starts with a pronoun
    • each line ends in an exclamation point or question mark
  • ELEMENTARY Why & Because, or If you & Be sure
    • One student creates a pair, then mix them up and read them
  • Poems for teaching: list at