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Group Discussion

Learning Objectives: Knowing the nature and of significance Group discussion The characteristics of successfulgroup discussion To identify the areas of evaluation in successful group discussion. The method of participation in the GD Understanding the role of body language in the GD

Nature of GD What is a group discussion? We normally indulge in discussion in order to develop a better perspective on key issues by bringing out various view points.Whenever we exchange differing views on an issue,we get a better picture of the problem and are able to understand it. The understanding makesus better equipped to deal with the problem.This is precisely the main purpose of a discussion. The dictionary meaning of the word Group Discussion is to talk about a subject in detail. So,group discussion may refer to a communicative situation that allows its participants to express views and opinions to other participants. It is a systematic oral exchange of information,views and opinions about a topic,issue,problem or situation among members of a group who share certain common objectives. • G D is essentially an interactive oral process. The group members need to listen to each other and use voice and gesture effectively,use clear language and persuasive style. • GD is a group process,that is,it involves both-person to person as well as group to group interactions.every group m,ember has to develop a goal oriented or group oriented interaction.A participant needs to be aware of needs of other group members and overall objectives of thediscussion. • GD is systematic: the exchange of ideas in Gd takes place in a systematic and structured way. Each of the participant gets an opportunity to express his/her views and comment on the views expressed by other members of the group. To conclude, group discussion may be defined as – a form of systematic and purposeful oral process characterized by the formal and structured exchange of views on a particular topic,issue,problem or situation for developing information and understanding essential for decision making or problem solving.

Group Discussion and debate

Group Discussion differs from debate in nature,approach and procedure.Debates are intended to advocate a particular point of view while GDs raise a particular issue for a positive exchange of views.Unlike debate , which is competitive in nature ,GD is basically a cooperative group process. A debate follows a limited approach, GD can include multiple views. • GD is a purposeful and goal oriented activity. The goals are generally decided before the discussion takes place. A GD may help achieve group goals as well as individual needs. Group goals are common. Importance of Group Discussion skills: Group Discussion helps problem solving , decision making and personality assessment. Whether one is a student, a job seeker ,a professional engineer or a company executive one needs effective GD skills. Students need to participate in academic discussions, meetings, classroom sessions or selection GDs for admission to professional courses. A job-seeker may be required to face selection GDs as part of the selection process. Professionals have to participate in different meetings at the workplace .In all these situations, an ability to make a significant contribution to group deliberation and help the group in the process of decision making. The importance of GD has increased in recent times due to its increasing role as an effective tool in : a)problem solving b)decision making c)personality assessment. In any situation of problem, the perceptions of different people are discussed, possible solutions are suggested. The best option is chosen by the group. While taking a decision, the matter is discussed, analysed, interpreted and evaluated. While using Gd as a tool for personality assessment, a topic-a problem, an opinion or a case - is given to the group.The selection committee evaluates the different skills reflected by the candidates. Hence it is important to be able to take part in the GD effectively and confidently.Participants should know how to persuade their group members, how to reflect leadership qualities and how to make the group achieve its goal. Characteristics of Successful Group Discussion

Selection Group Discussions Leadership skills

Team management

Group Discussion Strategies

Techniques for Individual Contribution Group Interaction Strategies