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Talkshop Africa -- Youth Development Rural Africa (YODERA) -- Kilosa Rural Services Electronic Communication (KIRSEC)

Erick Farahani was born in the Rombo District of the Kilimanjaro region in Tanzania. He holds a certificate of Advanced English from St Francis de Sales Seminary, Tanzania. Erick is currently studying at Mzumbe University, Tanzania's most renowned university, where he takes a Bachelor of Public Administration and Management.

Erick works as a local coach for Christina Merl's TalkShop Africa. He teaches English and facilitates the TalkShop community in Kilosa. Erick enjoys teaching English and helping members of TalkShop Kilosa to develop their ICT skills.

TalkShop Africa is in development. If you want to help us develop the English and ICT skills of Africans, please contact Christina Merl.

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