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         Students are advised to complete their assignments on given dates that will Announced by faculty in class .

                                           The assignments will uploaded unit wise time to time .

Assignments : unit 1

1. It's possible to make projects succeed by recognizing the common causes of project failure , explain this statement .
2. As a software project manager identify stack holders and their roles in project development .
3. Write down and explain the different phases of software project development .
4. What is Vision and Scope document to identify needs and Elements of a project plan.
5. Define time, cost, and resource estimation for a software project .

Tutorials : unit 1
1. Identify stack holders of online voting system with their roles .
2. What are the resources required to develop a mail server .
3. Identify the problem of technology change in a software project .


1. Define the term e-Governance and its applications for a normal user.
2. Do you think e-Governance will help the citizen to collect and contact with government services in future is yes then write your views.
3. Explain the different models of e-Governance .
4. Study some working projects of e-Governance in Uttarakhand and write about .
5. What are the basic requirements to start with e-Governance.

6. What is SWAN and how it is useful in e-Governance .
7. For a normal user what will be the difficulties to access e-Governance services .
8. Study National e-Governance Plan from NEGP website and write about some pilot projects of e-Governance .
9. What do you understand by digital divide , do you think that you are digital divide , if yes what should be the actions to make you digital smart.
10. What sort of applications you would like to take from e-Governance service model for your area or city or village .
11. Discuss and explain various models of e-Governance.