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[[Image:]]Teachers are leaders of learning in a diverse community who nurture, inspire and empower one another...

In our collaborative learning community we:

  • Believe in ourselves and have the courage to enact our vision
  • Are inclusive, mindful and optimistic about individuals and their learning
  • Are open-minded, willing to accept challenge and take risks
  • Are resilient learners who aspire to personal excellence
  • Build appreciative relationships that guide & support learning

In all that we do we are:

  • Respectful
  • Research-based
  • Responsive

Teachers demonstrate commitment to our learning community through:

  • Respectful relationships that promote well being for all members of our community: students, staff, whanau, groups and agencies in the community
  • High expectations for all students
  • Commitment to bicultural partnership in Aoteoroa New Zealand
  • Leadership and support of students’ learning in tutorials, specialist subjects and impact projects
  • Leadership and support of teachers’ learning in tutorials, specialist subjects and impact projects
  • Ongoing, collaborative professional inquiries that enable more effective teaching and learning and improved outcomes for students
  • Connections to external expertise and research that advance professional knowledge

(Professional relationships and professional values, Registered Teacher Criteria, 2010)

In tutorials, specialist subjects and impact projects, teachers are expected to:

  • Plan appropriate programmes that acknowledge our young students’ maturity, prior learning and aspirations
  • Promote respectful and empowering learning relationships
  • Establish productive relationships with Maori students that promote successful learning
  • Research and build on individual students’ and groups of students’ learning strengths, interests and needs
  • Co-construct effective planning for tutorials, lessons and impact projects that are engaging and responsive to diverse learners
  • Monitor the effectiveness of teaching and learning through ongoing professional inquiry that includes student reflection, feedback, observation and assessment data
  • Demonstrate responsivity to these inquiries

(Professional knowledge in practice, Registered teacher Criteria 2010)