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Brenda Boyd

Instructional Design & Technology Specialist
Miami University
Oxford, OH

Current Projects
Top 25 - Miami is engaged in course redesign. Based on the National Center for Academic Transformation [1], we are redesigning the top 25 highest enrollment courses to make them more learner-centered and engage learners through challenging them to contribute to their own learning.

Quality Matters - Collaborating with six educational institutions in the State of Ohio to commit to continuous improvement of online course design. We have formed a consortium and purchased subscriptions from Quality Matters[2]. Training will take place during Fall 2008 for interested people to become peer reviewers. Inter-consortium peer review of courses to begin in late fall/early winter.

Second Life - Developing support materials for faculty entering the virtual world of Second Life [3] for teaching and learning. Serving on the Second Life Advisory Board to help manage and advise the use of the Miami University island in Second Life.

Created an in-world school to act as a bridge between Second Life and Real Life. Real Life educators interested in teaching to SL residents prior to bringing in their real life students, contact Stargazer Blazer in Second Life.

Expanding access to Miami's best programs, increasing diversity, and creating international connections between Miami students and others around the world.

I'm excited about
Possibilities in online education through virtual worlds and collaboration, quality, peer review, and WikiEducator!