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Library Card Catalog shared CC by John Kannenberg

Analogue prologue

Back then cue nostalgic music, if someone needed to assemble a list of references to research a given topic, at least part of the process worked something like this

The act of purposefully identifying, capturing, reworking, and republishing media could be mind-bendingly time-consuming, and “professional” effects nearly impossible to accomplish.
clouds shared CC by dltq, on Flickr

Not my introduction, this is Grant Potter's DS106 intro.

  • replication
  • transmission
  • sharing/connection

cc licensed flickr photo by karindalziel:

Free stuff!

Open Educational Resources

  • Sharing, a mindset... most likely to benefit the sharer.

Amazing Stories

Blog Digression (process, feedback, accountability, ownership, identity)

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Open Platforms

Data tells stories

    • Power of networked communities (process, feedback, accountability, ownership, identity)

A better treatment of new Digital Storytelling by Bryan Alexander