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I am a student at De Anza college and I'm a student in CIS2. My favorite pass-time is playing video games with my boyfriend.

My Midterm Topic:

Achieve Universal Primary Education


Panorama is working towards the education of children and people in developing nations by trying to implement the use of computers and the internet connection in these countries.


CommonWealth of Learning describes the work that is done to provide eLearning. Lists steps that they’re trying to take to make that possible in developing countries. One way they're trying to make this happen is by making mobile phones more accessible to children.


Described an experience that Jim Teicher, Director, CyberSmart Education, CyberSmart Africa, had while in West Africa. He spoke about how technology today could allow for the use of inexpensive technology without having to be on the grid.

It was amazing to see that someone could use something as simple as solar panels to power devices that could be used to educate children. All it takes is the sun hitting the panels and the children can look forward to a brighter future. People who live in countries like the U.S., most people, take little things like this for granted. We shouldn't.