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Group: Education


Subject: Educational Psychology

Theme  : Child Development

Session: Factors affecting Child Development: Heredity and Environment


The objective of the OER is to provide the students high quality freely available educational resources about hereditary and environmental factors affecting child development.

Target group
Target group of this OER is the graduate teachers of the Post Graduate Diploma in Education Programme of the Faculty of Education of The Open University of Sri Lanka.

Delivery Method

The delivery method of this course is online as supplementary.

01. Article -Please go to the following web site and then you will be able to find an interesting article on 'Child growth and development'. After going through the article, try to answer the following questions.
Growth and Development

True/false Questions 01-10

View the following video and complete the activity 1
02.Video- heredity and Environment

03.Power point presentation media:Growth and Development_06

Members of the group
Dr.K.A.C.Alwis Mr.P.Seneviratne Ms.B.G.H.Anuruddhika Ms.K.D.R.L.J.Perera Mr.W.M.S.Weerakoon