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Problem Statement I don't implement enough speaking activities in class.

Research Question Whatspeaking activities and strategies work best with beginner students?

Observe Fomento course (practicas profesionales level 1 from 1:00-2:00

Research Article I only have 1 article, but I will look for more.

Satar,H.(2008)Computer-Meditated Communication in Foreign Language Education: The use of target language and user perceptions. Online Submission, Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education, 9(2). Retrieved from

Research Design Qualitative, but I'm not sure how I will be doing it.

Data Collection Procedure probablly questionaires or observations

Design instruments I havent done it yet.

Schedule I dont have a schedule of the days I will impart class in practicas profesionales, therefore I can't make a detailed schedule regarding my action plan. I already asked my tutor for permission and she said yes, therefore I will begin to sort that out on Monday.