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I.The use of L1 in the classroom helps students to acquire a second language

Now develop these ideas into coherent and cohesive paragraphs.

a). The use of L1 can help student to get fluency.  

b). Discovering similarities and differences of both languages enhance the target language.

c). L1 helps students to learn complex grammar in an easy way.

d). the use of L1 enhances students to get vocabulary.

II. Translation is a natural strategy for many learners in approaching language learning.

Are there four or five different ways translation can be used as a strategy for learners?  If so, develop each as a separate paragraph. 

By translating unknown words helps students to acquire a second language b) when grammar structure is translated students get c) translating songs and jokes are very useful for students learning

III. Why learners often avoid practicing speak English in class.

Have you found four reasons why learners avoid speaking in class?  And can you link them to the use of L1 in the classroom?

a) They feel silly speaking a language in which they know they are making mistakes. b) When they want to say something important to each other, they do in their mother tongue. c) They do no have the English to express the concepts that the teacher wants them to express. d) Speaking English is difficult for student that are learning a second language




  • Word count 175 and you need approximately 2,500 words.  Work on your introduction, making sure that you state a problem in the first paragraph and that you include a thesis statement in your second paragraph that links to your problem.  The reasons section of your thesis statement will be your topics you cover in each of the three sections of your literature review.  Click here to see some helpful videos.  Link your conclusion to your thesis statement and summarize the main points that you've previously discussed. Remember not to include any new information in your conclusion. Also, discuss future implications and ideas for further research related to your topic.  --Bnleez 18:03, 7 December 2011 (UTC)
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