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Welcome to Quality Assurance Unit. This is the Unit that is charged with the responsibility of insuring that the activities in UEW lead to the realization of its vision and mission statements. Although recently established in 2003 the Unit can now boast of a Director, Staff, and limited office. It is hoped that within the near future, the staff can be increased, office space expanded and equipments supplied. At the moment, the Unit is undertaking research to ensure that Quality Assurance is given a firm foundation to facilitate its effective operation to realize the objectives for which the University was established.

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The Director interviewed the Vice Chancellor and excerpts follow (Wed 21st May, 2008):
"Quality Assurance must ensure good quality in everything we do. Our infrastructure, teaching programmes. Quality Assurance should be concerned with everything for which the university was set up.

I can't tell if I was asked to mention the achievements of the Quality Assurance Unit since it was set up. However, we've not empowered Quality Assurance to deliver. For example, Quality Assurance is not represented at meetings of high-powered bodies such as the Academic Board and the Executive Committee".

Commenting on the way forward, the Vice Chancellor made reference to his vision, and stressed the point that he would empower Quality Assurance to monitor the progress of the University. The Vice Chancellor said that he had radical ideas that would change the outlook of the University. However, he was cautiously managing change to minimize stepping on toes and to keep most people on the team he was building. Prof. Ameyaw also noted that in a new university such as UEW the challenge was enormous. He said there were competing needs for office accommodation, lecture theatres and a host of others. He said he was therefore carefully considering his priorities. He ended on a confident note, stating emphatically that the university would achieve her objectives in future.



We are requesting employees of UEW to download and complete the appropriate questionnaires and return them to the following email address: dryemeh@yahoo.com.
Alternatively, you may send hardcopies of completed questionnaires to the offices of Quality Assurance, UEW, North Campus - Winneba.


The Quality Assurance Unit is planning to publish the findings of research in an article based on a survey that covered the whole of Ghana. Subsequently, it hopes to establish a Journal with African continental coverage. Since the Unit is operating in collaboration with five other public Universities in Ghana, it is involved in the Development of a document that would guide the operation of Quality Assurance in the country. It is our fervent hope that given the necessary push, the Quality Assurance Unit would stand tall among its peers in promoting excellence in UEW and the African continent.