Wayne's traffic light review for the Dual Professional

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Green light

  • The e-tivities and learning summary are outstanding -- an exemplar of high quality situated learning.
  • The questions embedded in the activities are meaningful and relevant -- makes me want to complete the activities.

Amber light

  • Adding a short video signpost for the Practice Context which provides an overview of the unit and what learning outputs will be produced will add tremendous value.
  • I recommend using the e-Tivity structure for the learning summary portfolio.
  • If you haven't done so yet -- perhaps a quick workload calculation would be useful. I assume that the Dual Professional section is about 10 notional learning hours?

Red light

  • For the OERu option - -I would include more opportunities for peer-to-peer interactions (eg microblogs, use of ASKOERu)
  • Removing institution specific contact details (eg email of facilitator.) (I realise this was done for operational reasons in getting the course of the ground -- we'll need to think of a practical solution).
Mackiwg (talk)12:53, 20 May 2013