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A concern I have with WikiEducator's Home page has surfaced when I have observed new users trying to find content on WikiEducator. I think the content link is too insignificant. As a test ask someone - who has not been on WikiEducator - to find content on a topic they would be familiar with, and see how long it takes to a) find the topic or b) find out if it is not there. For example a panel just below "The purpose of WikiEducator" that has something like:

Important links

  • Learning Content
  • Help

This should be tested with potential newbies until it is obvious to them.

I know both these links are on the page (content top right and help in the navigation panel on the left), but I don't think they are prominent enough. I think a teacher's first access to WikiEducator will be to find content rather than to know about who WikiEducator are or to contribute.

Mverhaart (talk)10:47, 31 July 2010