Training the trainers the SMU-DE way.

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Sikkim Manipal University’s Distance Education (SMU-DE) programme has been at the forefront of delivering quality education through over 700 learning centres across 310 towns in India. Qualified academic counsellors at the SMU-DE authorised learning centres clarify doubts and mentor over 2 lac students across the country, even in its remotest parts! As a pioneering institution in the distance education space, SMU-DE constantly innovates on its delivery systems. With EduNxt, its award-winning technology-infused delivery system, SMU-DE has established a collaborative and interactive environment that benefits students and counsellors alike. EduNxt is an important way of training SMU-DE students – the future building blocks of Indian corporate world – to become integrated into the modern workplace. It is also a very important tool for imparting consistent quality to an academic counsellor’s delivery. EduNxt certified academic counsellors use EduNxt to: • Orient students in EduNxt and its study benefits • Train other academic counsellors for their own certification

The training is divided into Levels I & II. At the end of the training session, both the certified Academic Counsellors and the trainee counsellors receive EduNxt certification. On the 31st March, 2010, Bangalore’s Sidvin School of Business, an authorised SMU-DE learning centre, conducted an EduNxt training-cum-orientation session for its students where Ms. Sunitha Reddy and Ms. Vanishree Raghavendra (both of whom are EduNxt level II certified faculty members themselves) trained 15 students. This is a perfect example of training the trainer and passing along the substantial technological and research benefits of a heritage institution down to the students. SMU-DE has always been committed to quality education and keeps up its promise to both students and counsellors. For more details please visit:- What is SMU-DE? Sikkim Manipal University’s Distance Education (SMU-DE) programme has more than 80, 000 students taking Management courses. SMU-DE offers Post-graduate and graduate Degree and Diploma programs across 10 disciplines. The programmes offered by SMU-DE are recognized by the Distance Education Council (DEC) of the Government of India for three academic years 2009 – 2112.

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