Session 1: 1 1/4 hrs - Travel and Tourism Students, Otago Polytechnic 6.5.09

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1. Introduce myself

2. Do the map of NZ activity to get to know them

3. Get them to set up their blogs

4. Intro to the wiki site. Read quotes. Answer the pre-course questions - use wiki link

5. Look at the course outline and explain how the course will work - e.g. they will be eased into taking over the direction of the course around week 3 - use wiki link. Explain assessment - developed and moderated by them, with an element of self and peer feedback - formative and summative, e.g. self and peer assessment will be based on their ongoing performance in the class as well as the final (summative) assessment. It will have a 50% weighting.

6. Explain the benefits of actually being in class - physical interaction with others, opportunity for debate, and ultimately potential for a better grade through the self and peer feedback on contribution to the course

7. Explore personal values - need to provide sheets for this, need to make up some more 'sustainability' questions.

Annah (talk)11:43, 1 May 2009