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It is a dream that lingers in the mind of every Indian student. A wish and an ultimate goal of working in a white collared job for the world’s leading companies. I am talking about Information Technology. Corporate set-up, mind boggling office spaces, fattest pay cheques and a swanky lifestyle have all got associated with IT over a period of time and India is its second home of sorts. The Indian software industry has grown from a mere US $ 150 million in 1991-92 to a staggering US $ 5.7 billion (including over $4 billion worth of software exports) in 1999-2000. No other Indian industry has performed so well against the global competition. Today, India exports software and services to nearly 95 countries around the world. The share of North America (U.S. & Canada) in India’s software exports is about 61 per cent. According to a NASSCOM-McKinsey report, annual revenue for India’s IT industry in 2008 were US $ 87 billion and market openings are emerging across four broad sectors, IT services, software products, IT enabled services, and e-businesses thus creating a number of opportunities for Indian companies. In addition to the export market, all of these segments have a domestic market component as well. At the aspired levels of growth, IT-BPO will employ about 2.5 to three million professionals directly in the sector, account for direct investment of about US$10 to US$15 billion and contribute seven to eight percent of the national GDP by the end of this year. So what does one do to get into the IT industry with a strong education base and the much essential practical experience? It’s imperative to first select a good institute for that IT degree. Like Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India, Sikkim Manipal University is the Education Valley of IT education. The reason for such a tag is credited to its range of courses, the curriculum and most importantly the basic structure of the course whereby one can imbibe the exact skills as required by the industry. The university has rightly identified that the need of the day is to provide IT education that encompasses world-class curriculum which is also industry focused so that students are well versed with the current market trends and latest technologies. Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education (SMU-DE) offers 8 courses in IT at different levels. Starting with Diploma in IT, BSc in IT and Bachelor in Computer Application it goes on to Post Graduate Diploma in IT, Post Graduate Diploma in CA, MSc in IT, MSc in Computer Science and MCA. The industry as of today puts heavy emphasis on skill sets and communication techniques. SMU-DE courses offer you the luxury to study at your own pace and time. This is made possible by EduNxt, the virtual learning platform that supports video chatting with lecturers and industry mentors, counselling, online library and much more. This in turn provides you with ample time to work as well as study thereby increasing your educational qualification while adding on crucial work experience at the same time. These two when combined counts the most in today’s capitalist market. Added on is the distinguished faculty from the industry with more than a decade of experience behind them. As the markets witness positive growth post the economic slump, India is going to see more investments in the coming years. Also the factor that Indian IT companies withered the economic slump better than western counterparts provides an immense boost to the overall scenario. This will place a greater demand for software professionals who have the required skill sets and crucial work experience. SMU-DE believes in creating individuals who are ready to take on such a future and face any challenge thrown in the way. The big winner however will be YOU as you get to live your dream. For more information visit or call on 1800 266 7979 (Toll free).

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