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fantastic idea, long overdue!

I would certainly like to see that training/new learning that we are required to do (poly wide) is incorporated into this qualification eg ToW.

Would be great that while there is a level 4 and 5 option that maybe there could be strands as well as there are different administration functions at the poly, eg specialised Jasper users, PAs, general administrators, etc.

I would like to see that unit standards already achieved could be included (less to do to achieve any qualification, but still related to your particular field/strand).

There is used to a qualification around educational administration offered by NZQA (no longer available) which had a number of unit standards that could be accessed to cover Jasper usage (Otago Poly wasn't accredited to award these unit standards) - could something similar to these unit standards be an option for Jasper (strand?) users?

Another item for consideration is anything around H&S, especially for staff who are H&S coordinators, on the committee, etc.

Hgreaves (talk)11:35, 25 August 2010